Saturday, 8 June 2013

Kleur Tint Launch

No sooner has project one finished and we're onto project two. 

Working for cosmetics brand Kleur our task was to present a 10 minute brief for the launch campaign of 'Kleur Tint'.

Still buzzing from project one we knuckled down to start to start the project. The format of each project isn’t about providing absolute truths, it's about everyone being responsible for their own learning, and for using the tasks to help form our own opinions about what works or what doesn’t in the digital world we live in.

With this in mind and the opinions and recommendations of six team members this was a task not just for digital learning but one focusing heavily on team dynamics and  leadership skills.

Some key speakers and insights to help us on our way to completing project two came in the form of panel discussions on 'Agency relationships' and 'Cross channel integration'.   

Friday morning and it's time for the presentation.  All groups really raised the standard for project two including some really innovate product suggestions and a great sketch.

Time for project three.  But first.... lets eat cake.