Friday, 24 May 2013

Squared update

Its been a little while since I last posted so wanted to fill you all in on the first (very hectic) foundation week at Squared:

Day 1 - All fresh faced and ready for the challenge we're given a brief into to the first couple of days with the objective to guide all Squared participants to collaboratively build a common platform to maximize learning, work more effectively and build relationships.   Split into teams we are provided with our first brief.  To help BOST assess their marketing communications activity and provide feedback and recommendations on what they should do to improve communications for a wide range of stakeholders.

A mad rush across London 30 minutes later and we're at BOSTs HQ ready to start the task in hand.  Our group visited the Waterloo Millennium Green undertaking research questionnaires and interviewing BOSTs employees and Trustees.  Later that day back at Squared all five groups had to collaborate to submit one report, some task as everyone had different opinions and recommendations that has to be reviewed and added to the report. 

Day 2/3 - After day one I'd quickly learnt a couple of key principles:

- Expect the unexpected
- Remember to eat lunch (something many of us failed to do on day one)
- Wear comfortable footwear

So with lunch in my bag ready we were put into new teams and given a brief for task two.  Working with the Shakespeare Schools Festival we were to teach a group of Year 3 students at a local school for an afternoon.  My role in this brief was to play the 'camera' in the group, observing the team dynamics and not saying a word.  At first I found this very difficult but in time I learnt as much about the team as I did myself. 

Overall the foundation days did just that.  They gave me a good set of foundation skills on leadership, team dynamics while constantly pushing me out of all comfort zones to achieve.

Raring to go and excited about the first digital based project. I wonder what's next?