Sunday, 19 May 2013

My first ever blog post!

Hi, I'm +Kim Wiggins and I work at Kia Motors as their Digital Marketing Manager. I've always had a passion for digital marketing and my role at Kia helps me to realise this in every way from the digital integration on a new car launch to the latest digital consumer trends in the car buying process.

When the opportunity to participate in Google Squared came along I jumped at the chance.  My first thought was 'wow, eating in the Google restaurant every day, I'll need to get to the gym!'  As it turned out the Squared offices are separate from Google giving us Squares a space to call our own away from Google HQ.  And the food?  We'll we've all been given plenty of food vouchers so I'm sure I'll never go hungry :)

After meeting everyone on Friday I can't wait to start the first task and get stuck into creating a new on line business.

Follow my journey on this blog as I become 'Squared'.